The Open Source Satellite Programme

Making Space more accessible through the development of an open source microsatellite platform and community.

Stimulating the responsible and sustainable use and exploitation of space.  Enhancing the capabilities of small satellite solutions to address an ever increasing range of applications and services.   

Our Goal is to develop an accessible, highly capable, cost-effective, modular, microsatellite platform, a basis from which people can readily develop future space based systems.  We aim to harness the cross-cutting potential of technological advances and processes from diverse industries to develop a next-generation low-cost small satellite platform, adopting an open source approach to achieve a price performance point that truly makes space more affordable.


A team of international space experts with decades of first-hand experience in the design, manufacture and operation of small satellite systems, leading the development of the open source satellite development.

The achievements of small satellites have been impressive, but the best is yet to come.  People are only just starting to grasp the potential uses of small satellite solutions, applications and services that can be enabled by space systems to support and enhance life on Earth and beyond.

We’re blending systems engineering expertise, futuristic thinking and collaborative relationships to take the Open Source philosophy from Earth to Space.


Development of a fully open source, flexible, microsatellite platform embracing an Open Source approach to create:

A performant, capable and modular microsatellite platform.
A design that can be readily tailored.
An approach using COTS parts, processes and tools.
A platform that can be upgraded and reconfigured after launch.
A solution that can operate with multiple ground station networks.
A design available to all.

A cost-effective modular, scalable, flexible, robust, reliable microsatellite platform.

25kg-250kg Spacecraft Mass.

70% Payload Mass Fraction.

Flexible Payload Accommodation.

10W-1kW Payload Power.

3-axis Stabilised.

400km to 850km Altitude.

14 month Delivery Schedule.

5 to 7 Year Lifetime.

Dedicated and Rideshare Launch Vehicle Compatibility.

Rapid Commissioning and Low-Cost Operations.

Price Target of $1m for 50kg,  £1m for 100kg.

Reliable, hassle-free low-cost spacecraft operation and management.

Ground Station Compatibility and Standard Protocols.

Low-Cost Commissioning and Operations.

Uploadable Software.

S-Band TTC.

Link Encryption and Authentication.

Fail-Safe Architecture and Robust FDIR.

24/7 State Of Health Reporting.

Versatile and straightforward accommodation of a wide range of user payloads.

Clear Payload-Platform Interface.

Flexible Payload Accommodation.

70% Payload Mass Fraction.

10W-1kW Payload Power.

3-Axis Stabilised.

400km to 850km Altitude.

Accessible Platform Knowledge.

Uploadable Payload Software and Payload Telecommanding.

5 to 7 Year Lifetime.

14-Month Schedule.

Our Pledge:

The provision of a fully open source microsatellite platform that is available to all.

Our Goal:  

To make all of the open source platform design information freely accessible within one year after launch, including:

Platform architecture.

Design drawings.

Bills of material.

Hardware design and build documentation.


Software and source code.


Supporters and sponsors that are helping to create the environment, and provide the resources, that are enabling the development of the fully open source next generation microsatellite platform.