We have opportunities for you and your organisation to be involved in the development and exploitation of the next generation microsatellite and the growing ecosystem.  We want to develop a community that contributes to our goal of developing a low cost, highly capable, fully open source microsatellite platform, or in its exploitation, to stimulate new missions, applications and services, bringing the benefits of space to many more people.

We are seeking the participation of individuals, teams and organisations that are interested in being involved, and play a part in the successes of the Open Source Satellite programme.

If you are interested in being involved in the programme, there are many different ways for you to participate, contribute and benefit.  We are looking for individuals and organisations to contribute in whatever way they can.  We are looking for:

  • Participation in the design and development.
  • Peer review and critique.
  • Provision of existing designs, know-how and intellectual property.
  • Contributions of parts, materials, tools and facilities.
  • Partners to contribute and participate in the development or in the wider ecosystem.
  • Sponsors to help fund the development and flight of the platform.

We will be publishing information on our design and activities as we progress, our aim is to make the entire satellite platform design available to the community once the first platform has been flown.  For those that want access to the detailed design information sooner we are planning to share the material earlier to key sponsors and partners.


We are seeking in-kind contributions to support all stages of the project and the wider ecosystem.

Your collaborative contributions and partnerships will help to refine and improve the system and platform architecture, progress the design, development and manufacture, enhance the quality of the documentation in our Resources library, and allow the team to maintain the pace of the project, from the early phases through to launch and operation.

We are also seeking wider involvement to grow the community and advance the goal of stimulating the utilisation and exploitation of Space.  We would welcome the participating of individuals and organisations that are involved in the wider ecosystem and value chain, from the provision of training and education, ground systems, launch, operations through to downstream application development and service provision.

Are you interested in: (select all that apply)

Providing individual expertise
Providing company-sponsored expertise
Providing access to design tools and software that can be leveraged in an Open Source design environment
Provide services, or facilities that support specific phases of the project
Providing flight model, ground segment or test equipment
Gaining early access to the Open Source Satellite data
Accessing Programme Team expertise
Gaining visibility of the Open Source programme engineering approach and methodology
Witnessing and being part of milestone activities such as testing, launch and commissioning
Scheduling a time to talk with us

If other please state

Thank you for your support.


The opensourcesatellite.org team thanks its sponsors, partners and supporters for sharing the vision of making space more affordable and accessible with the world's first open source microsatellite platform and for helping to turn the dream into reality.