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Mercury GS

Mercury GS is an open source program that allows users to interact with a Spacecraft in a lab environment, pre-launch.

Visit the public repository here

GitHub_01The OSSAT Mercury GS GitHub Repo

Supporting lab testing of spacecraft

Mercury GS fulfils the need to send Telemetry Requests, Telecommands and to display the Telemetry generated by the Spacecraft. It does this using a simple (non-flight) communications protocol. It also includes functions to synchronise the time and to upload and download files.

It represents a simple on-the-ground solution to test spacecraft functions without reliance on the complex protocols available for spacecraft communication.

GitHub_02Mercury GS File Structure

You’ll find everything you need on the GitHub Repo

We’ve provided a full range of resources to get you started with Mercury GS:

In addition to an overview of Mercury GS, you’ll find the following in our Repo:

  • A brief Backgrounder to those are new to the Space industry and its terminology, Also refer to the OSSAT Glossary for explanations of Open Source Satellite Programme terminology
  • A User Setup guide for those wanting to use the software
  • And a Development Setup guide for those wanting to develop it further.


Want to get involved?

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