Microprocessor Radiation Test Results: SAMV71

The OSSAT team performed a research and development project to further the understanding of COTS processors, in partnership with the Surrey Space Centre (SSC) at the University of Surrey, UK, with support from Research England’s SPRINT programme.

The OSSAT-SSC project team evaluated the latest available COTS microprocessors and assessed their suitability in terms of performance with a view to testing their resilience to the harsh space radiation environment. Three COTS processors were downselected and subjected to a series of research tests to determine processor performance and space environmental resilience.

Releasing test results for the small satellite community to use

This first report gives the results of this research in relation to the first of the three downselected processors, the Atmel/Microchip SAMV71.

SAMV71 Radiation Test Report
Download your copy of the SAMV71 radiation test report

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