Open Source Satellite at IAC 2020

IAC 2020 - The CyberSpace Edition

We were very happy to be invited to contribute to and participate in the International Astronautical Congress 2020, CyberSpace Edition, where we delivered a paper and video lecture on the topic "What's next after industry disruption by CubeSats? Industry disruption by Open Source".

Innovative and Visionary Space Systems

The goals of the Open Source Satellite Programme and this topic of our paper were a great fit for the theme of this session D4, which was “Innovative and Visionary Space Systems”.
The objective of this session of the Space Systems Symposium was to “Explore innovative concepts and services for space applications in future scenarios….to foster the involvement of people to advance transformational space systems, to change paradigms, and to move beyond incremental advancements to order of magnitude improvements”.
So in order to illustrate our thinking on what we think will be the next major disruptor for the space industry, we first took a look back at the past four decades, evaluated where we are today, before projecting forward to the future.

IAC 2020
Anita Bernie, delivering our virtual video lecture at IAC 2020

Want to find out more?

Our paper and video lecture are available to download from the International Astronautical Federation Proceedings archive, or contact us to receive a copy.


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