OSSAT Download: Earth Observation Concept Of Operations

In our first CONOPS article, we described the purpose of Concept of Operations (CONOPs) documents and the reasons why we have been generating them for the different applications that we want the Open Source Satellite to be able to service. We are therefore excited to announce the release of our Optical Earth Observation CONOPs! This document describes in detail what an Optical Earth Observation payload requires from the platform and how such missions typically operate.

Earth Observation Missions and Applications

Earth Observation encompasses many different specific applications. This document focuses on passive electro-magnetic radiation imaging using panchromatic, multispectral and video imagers. Missions with these types of imagers are used for a multitude of applications such as:

  • Disaster monitoring – floods and fires
  • Crop monitoring – vegetation coverage
  • Environmental monitoring – land use change such as illegal logging
  • Urban planning – Housing needs and monitoring road/car park usage

Optical EO CONOPs
Click to download your copy of the OSSAT EO CONOPs

The Earth Observation application has some demanding needs of the platform such as the requirement for highly accurate and stable pointing and very high data storage requirements. We envisage Earth Observation being a major use of the OSSAT platform which is why we have released it as our first CONOPs.

We are going to continue releasing our application-specific CONOPs documents over the coming months. Be sure to monitor OSSAT News for the release of the Internet of Things CONOPs next!

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