2 million open source satellite observations by SatNOGS

The SatNOGS team announced that the Satellite Networked Open Ground Station network made its two millionth observation on the 9th of April.

Open source ground station and network

SatNOGS is an open source ground station and network, optimised for modularity and built from readily available and affordable tools and resources. The SatNOGS network of satellite ground stations focuses on observing and receiving the signal of satellites, with a particular interest in UHF and VHF signals from low Earth orbit (LEO) cubesats.      

SatNOGS observation 2000000
Observation #2000000 listed on the SatNOGS Network website [Credit SatNOGS]

Early NASA and Hackaday successes

SatNOGS started in mid-April 2014, during the NASA Space App Challenge hackathon in hackerspace.gr  based in Athens, Greece. Following that success the SatNOGS team participated in the first iteration of the Hackaday Prize and won first place, which was the catalyst for the team to start the Libre Space Foundation.

SatNOGS hardware
SatNOGS hardware [Credit SatNOGS]

The SatNOGS network

The 2,000,000th observation is a result of an incredible network of ground stations and it marks the continuous efforts of hundreds of ground station owners; today the SatNOGS community features more than 200 fully operational ground stations and over 100 more in testing mode. The observations have come from more than 400 satellites, 880 transmitters and over 64,800,000 data frames.

SatNOGS global network
The SatNOGS global network [Credit SatNOGS]

Find out more

You can find out more about SatNOGS via their website and their wiki pages.

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