Announcing the release of our Open Source Satellite Programme Manifesto

The world's first open source microsatellite platform

We’re really excited about developing the world’s first open source microsatellite platform and we look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you!

We are delighted to release the Open Source Satellite Programme Manifesto

This Manifesto is intended to be the primary reference for The Programme, to serve as guidance throughout all phases of The Programme.

The Manifesto describes the approach for the development of a flexible, robust, low-cost microsatellite platform, making the design freely available for anyone to utilise and benefit from, and for realising this vision in a sustainable, enduring way.
All contributors to and beneficiaries of the Open Source Satellite Programme are deemed to have accepted the principles and approach described in the Manifesto.

Why did we write a Manifesto?

The Open Source Satellite Programme Manifesto describes the philosophy and approach of the Open Source Satellite Programme, which has been initiated by KISPE.
The purpose of The Manifesto is to provide clarity about the vision, philosophy, intentions, immediate and long-term goals and the approach to achieving those objectives. This Manifesto will ensure that everyone who wishes to be involved in the Programme, such as the internal team, Participants, the Community and other beneficiaries and stakeholders - is provided with the same, consistent framework and is able to make an informed decision about participating.

There are many reasons to be excited and motivated about getting involved!


  • Accelerating the development of a new spacecraft design that all can use
  • Accessing a brand-new satellite design to use in your own missions
  • Being part of a Community of Open Source Space enthusiasts
  • Building a new professional network with people from different disciplines and industries
  • Championing Open Source Space to make space more affordable and accessible
  • Developing and enhancing skills in areas that you are interested in
  • Flying your work in Space, knowing that you played part
  • Gaining hands-on experience in delivering space missions
  • Getting involved in an innovative approach to space
  • Giving something back, by sharing your knowledge, to grow the knowledge base
  • Improving your resume with new experiences and results
  • Personal satisfaction, being acknowledged for your efforts
  • Recognition by peers for developing and improving space systems
  • Supporting the Open Source culture by giving to, and benefitting from collective efforts.

Download your copy of the Manifesto

Click here or on the image below to download the Open Source Satellite Programme Manifesto.


Want to get involved?

We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch to find out more or to get involved, by emailing us or registering your interest.



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