Celebrating the Space Industry’s Open Source ecosystem at OSCW 2019

We are going to be attending the third Open Source Cubesat Workshop, 14th-16th October 2019.

A forum for Open Source satellite developers and mission operators

The focus of this year’s workshop is the development and application of open source technologies for all aspects of a space mission.

Open Source solutions to many elements of a typical space mission are going to be discussed, including Mission Analysis, Systems, Design, Testing, Ground Stations and Operations. There will also be presentations about current open source space projects, mission results and educational programmes.

Open Source Cubesat Workshop 2019

Joining forces on open source projects

The Open Source Satellite Programme is contributing to the event; we will be running a roundtable session to consider, discuss and identify solutions to the question, “Disrupting the space industry with Open Source Satellites: What are the challenges, and how do we address them?” We are looking forward to a stimulating series of conversations with a diverse international group of people, about the challenges associated with the creation and cultivation of the necessary ecosystem for the Open Source Satellite industry and community to thrive, and about how these challenges may be addressed.

We will also be delivering a presentation titled: “Developing a low-cost, performant microsatellite platform design for all: The Open Source Satellite Programme”, in which we will be sharing the business case for the development and exploitation of the Open Source Satellite Platform and discussing how we intend to ensure that the design will be made available for the community to leverage, utilise, modify and improve.

This third workshop takes place at the Athens Conservatoire, Greece and is hosted by Libre Space Foundation.

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