Elements of the Open Source Space Ecosystem

The Open Source Space ecosystem is vibrant and is growing and developing rapidly

We enjoyed the atmosphere at the Open Source Cubesat Workshop in Athens, and were very pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the event.

We ran a roundtable session entitled "Disrupting the space industry with Open Source Satellites: What are the challenges, and how do we address them?" . The key focus of the session was to get participants involved in generating a list of open source capabilities that are either already being used for space applications, or have the potential to be developed for space.


It was evident from the session outputs that teams are working on Open Source projects across the value chain:

  • Mission design and analysis
  • Software
  • Flight hardware – subsystems and spacecraft
  • Communications protocols
  • Ground segment
  • Testing
  • Rocketry

Open Source Space Teams

Here's the list that we compiled from the roundtable session. We'll be making the list available in a format that allows others to access it contribute updates.
If there's a team that's missing from the list, let us know via the comments section below! 

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Organisation Logo

Primary Activities

AALTO Satellites AALTO Satellites Cubesat Subsystems, Missions, Ground segment designs and tools
AMSAT AMSAT Designing, building, operating and funding amateur satellites
Applied Ion Systems Applied Ion Systems Cubesat Subsystems, Testing
Aristotle Space And Aeronautics ASAT Cubesat Subsystems, Missions, Science Payloads
CNES CNES Flight Dynamics tools
CosmicPi CosmicPi Space environment monitoring
ESA ESA SDR Makerspace Software Defined Radios
FossaSystems FossaSystems Cubesat Subsystems, Missions, Ground receivers
GMAT NASA GMAT Mission analysis for missions from LEO to interplanetary
Gpredict Gpredict Satellite tracking
Orbit prediction
LibreSpace LibreSpace Cubesat Subsystems, spacecraft and missions
NASA NASA Tech Transfer Programme Structures and mechanisms, design and integration, data processing and handling, propulsion, electronics
Open Cansat Open Cansat CanSat subsystems
OpenCores OpenCores Components: FPGAs and ASICs
Open Rocket Open Rocket Rocketry
Open Source Satellite Programme Open Source Satellite Programme Microsatellite components, equipment, subsystems, platforms and missions
Orekit Orekit Orbit determination and Propagation
Polaris Polaris Autonomous satellite
operations and monitoring
using machine learning
Poliastro Poliastro Astrodynamics
Orbital Mechanics
RISC-V RISC-V Components: processor hardware and software
SatNOGS SatNogs SatNOGS Ground Station, Network, Ground Segment As A Service Client, and crowdsourced transmitter Database
The Flame Trench The Flame Trench Rocketry, PocketQubes, astronomy

This is the first version of the list; are there other teams that we need to include and spotlight?
Let us know in the Comments section below.

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