September 2022 Meetup: Constellations: The what, the why, and the future…

As part of our Open Source Satellite Programme, we host regular online hangouts that provide a platform to share ideas and knowledge. We also discuss the trends and news from the ever-growing Open Source community and how they relate to the space and satellite sector.

In our September hangout, KISPE Engineer, Sufyaan Akram, shared his knowledge and expertise on constellations, speaking about: 

  • What a constellation is.
  • Why they are used.
  • Early and current usage.
  • Future trends.

Following Sufyaan’s presentation was a group discussion on the evolution of constellations; the recent introduction of examples such as Starlink and Oneweb; the benefits and drawbacks of these large, mega constellations and what it might mean for the satellite industry as a whole.

Watch the video below to get involved with the discussion.

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