July 2022 Meetup: Things to Consider When Choosing Satellite Propulsion

Once a month we host a virtual get-together as part of our Open Source Satellite Programme, providing a platform to share ideas and knowledge. We also discuss the trends and news from the ever-growing Open Source community and how they relate to the space and satellite sector.

In our July hangout, we were joined by Jeroen Wink, Co-founder and CRO of Satellite Propulsion System specialists, Dawn Aerospace.

Dawn Aerospace are on a mission to change the limited choices that satellites have come with since their inception. Believing satellites need simple and responsive propulsion to get where they need to go. Not expensive, toxic chemical propulsion or slow, power-hungry electric systems. 

Throughout the meetup we covered a holistic view of things to consider when selecting a propulsion system for your satellite, including: performance; form factor; heritage; propellant sourcing; logistics; lead times; regulation; range safety and more.

Watch the video below to get involved with the discussion.

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