Stakeholder perspective: What do Open Source Satellite customers need?

The challenge that we want to address with the Open Source Satellite is to be able to provide increased mission and payload capabilities without growing the mass of the spacecraft platform.

In a previous article we described Customers as stakeholders who derive value by creating missions for end-users’ specific needs, and who are primarily focused on performance, cost and schedule. In this article we’re going to introduce our Customer’s expanded requirements.

Open Source Satellite Customer Viewpoint

Customer Mission Applications Drive The Requirements

We are following a logical and common-sense MBSE approach to requirements capture, product development and roadmapping, which requires that all elements on the system are fully traceable to system and user requirements. The Customer is a primary source of requirements for the Open Source Satellite.

Many of the mission applications that customers are talking to us about fall into the following general categories:

Open Source Satellite Cardinal Point Specification

We’ve got the following items as our starting-point Cardinal Point Specifications for the first generation of the Open Source Satellite. 

Customer Cardinal Point Specification_02

We intend to iterate and refine these through our engagements with all of our stakeholder groups.

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